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Commercial Auto Insurance - is needed when a vehicle/vehicles are used for tasks that relate directly to a business (excludes commuting).  Whether it be one car or a fleet, be sure you have the proper coverage/policy because, depending on how a vehicle is used, it may not be covered under a personal auto policy.   We'll be happy to review your needs and help you determine if a CA policy is necessary.

Workers Comp Insurance - The Dept. of Labor & Industry states that "If you employ workers in PA, you must have Workers' Comp Insurance --- it's the law."  In a nutshell, it covers injury or illness to employees while on the job.

Contractor's Liability Insurance - is a form of General Liability insurance specific to the construction contractors market.  In the event that you cause property damage or bodily injury to a third party while on the job, this type of policy provides insurance coverage for your business.  We can help you to determine your coverage needs based on your work risk.

General Liability Insurance - In the event of an accident, injury or negligence at the workplace, and possible lawsuit, this type of insurance is put into place to protect you and your business.

Business Owner's Insurance - is primarily for small and medium sized businesses and includes business interruption insurance for up to a year of lost revenue due to property loss.

Restaurant Insurance - There is great risk of accidents happening on the premises of a restaurant such as fires, and slips and falls just to name a few. We can help customize a package to protect your building, employees and personal property.

Wedding Insurance - There are a plethora of unexpected things that can go wrong with a wedding that could ultimately result in a large financial loss.  Protect yourself and your special day by being prepared.
If a business owner fails to obtain and maintain the proper business insurance, that business opens itself up for possible judgments against it with no leg to stand on.  Our Commercial Lines Department provides many different lines of insurance to cover your business.  Whether you are a small, medium or large business entity, we can help you to protect every aspect of what you work hard for and help keep your business moving forward.


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